Best dumbbell workout at home

best dumbbell workout at home


Its good to have a gym membership and being able to workout in proper environment and in the supervision of professional trainers but in certain situations its nice to have a set of dumbbells and bench in your living room or in your garage where you can workout 3 to 4 times a week without having to travel to gym it saves times specially if you are just looking to have enough muscle mass on your body just to get broader shoulder and nicely build chest with good arms but have a hectic work schedule.

Dumbbell workout at home won’t replace training you can do at gym but still will be enough to build some muscles and achieve near to your desired build, following workout is designed with just set of few dumbbells and a bench but you can hit each muscle group easily and put enough stress to promote hypertrophy and lose some body fat in the process. Just make sure to workout for 30-40 minutes for 3 to 4 days a week and taking one  day off after every two days of training.

Equipment you will need for dumbbell workout at home

You will following equipment for performing workout a bench and a set of adjustable dumbbell with each one having difference of 4-5 pounds so you can increase weight for each set.

This bench is easily adjustable so you can perform incline dumbbell press for upper chest, decline dumbbell press for lower chest and flat dumbbell press for middle chest. You can checkout this bench its affordable and very useful tool to have for home dumbbell workout. This bench can also be used for seated bicep curls and overhead dumbbell presses for triceps.

Next thing you will need is a pair of adjustable dumbbells that you can adjust easily according your strength and perform different exercises with different and once a weight is too easy for you, you can always add more weight plates to your adjustable dumbbells. Alright then lets get started.

Day 1 Chest Workout

There is no special reason to start this guide for dumbbell workout at home with chest day, you can start with any muscle group you like its just easier to start working out with chest as if you are like most people you must be doing push ups at home from time to time which makes it easy to train chest muscle then any other muscle group.

For first two weeks you should train for endurance you should be performing 15-18 reps for each of these exercises on your chest day of dumbbell workout at home

  • Pushups 3×15 reps  (1.5 minutes rest between sets)
  • Incline dumbbell press 3×15 (1 minute rest between sets)
  • Flat bench dumbbell press 3×15 (1 minute rest between sets)

This whole workout should take you no more than 45 minutes if it is taking more than 45 minutes then you need to look at your resting period, you maybe taking more rest between sets then you actually should.

Day 2


Day 3 Legs Workout

Most people when start training at gym or at home they don’t pay more attention to their legs. Well this is wrong approach and as a result legs don’t keep up with rest of the body not only that legs even look unbalanced and smaller as compare to upper body that is why even this dumbbell workout at home is for beginner I have included legs workout.

  • Body weight Lunge 3×15 reps (1.5 minute rest between sets)
  • Dumbbell Squat 3×12 reps (1.5 minutes rest between sets)
  • calf raises 3×20 (1 minute rest between sets)

Legs day is the toughest, ask any bodybuilder and you will know but legs has largest muscle group in whole body so not only performing legs workout from beginning will build you legs but this will also boost natural testosterone in your body.

Day 4


Day 5 Arms Workout

Arms is one of the favorite muscle of novice bodybuilder because arms show up when you are wearing t-shit with your sleeves rolled up all the way to shoulders. With this dumbbell workout at home guide you can build bulkier and bigger arms just by performing exercises with a pair of dumbbells, well lets build those bulky arms then shall we.

Bicep workout
  • Dumbbell bicep curls 3×15 reps (1 minute rest between sets)
  • Alternate hammer curl 3×15 reps (1 minute rest between sets)
Triceps workout
  • Close triceps diamond pushups 3×12 (1 minute rest between sets)
  • Seated overhead triceps press (1 minute rest between sets)

Perform these exercises for bicep and triceps on same day as biceps and triceps is one of the small muscle group but they are more resistant to weight so you need to push them harder in order to stimulate growth as I have explained in previous article on arms workout for beginner

Day 6


Day 7 Back/Lats Workout

Lats is second largest muscle group in our body and lats need as much attention as legs specially for tall guys out there without lats workout you won’t be able to get that v-shape body. Start very basic for lats as you don’t have pull up or pull down machines, if you can do pull ups at some place in your house like yard or garden that will really help grow your lats but if not you can perform these exercises once a week and you will see just as good results

  • Dumbbell single arm row 3×15 (1.5 minutes between sets)
  • Decline pull over 3×12 (1.5 minutes between sets)

You can do both of these exercises with adjustable bench and dumbbell at home easily and build lats muscle without having to do those pull ups

Day 8


Day 9 Shoulder Workout

Last but not the least shoulder is one of the important muscle group that show up. Broader shoulder specially in men is sign of strength and you can get broader shoulder by performing these exercises at home only with the help of adjustable bench and a pair of dumbbell

  • Front dumbbell raise 3×15 (1 minute rest between sets)
  • Seated dumbbell press 3×15 (1.5 minutes between sets)

As you start working out with this guide for dumbbell workout at home you can start with two shoulder exercise later as you become more experienced you can add one more exercise to shoulder workout side lateral raise.

Day 10


Whats Next

Perform above workout routine for at-least 2 to 3 months and once your body gets used to workout and you have sufficient endurance and stamina you can lower your rep ranges and increasing weight in each set starting with 12 reps with light weight and 3rd set should be for 8 reps your rep range for each exercise should look like this:

  • 1st set 12 reps weight just enough to perform 12 reps
  • 2nd set 10 reps weight just enough to perform 10 reps
  • 3rd set 8 reps weight enough to perform 8 reps safely


Don’t perform these exercises if you are feeling any soreness after 3 days of training a muscle group stop training and consult a doctor as all exercises are better performed when done in supervision of professional trainer performing exercises at home could have a chance of injury you should watch different videos before starting any of these exercise as safety comes first


After you have followed this dumbbell workout at home carefully for 2-3 months you should be able to see some serious results, make sure to eat enough protein though if you can’t get enough protein from food you can try whey protein to fulfill your protein requirement as without enough protein no workout schedule is going to help you gain muscle doesn’t matter if you workout from home or get membership at gym without proper rest and diet you won’t go anywhere in terms of muscle gain or fat loss in long run.


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