Bulking And Cutting, The Right Way


By looking at the title of this page bulking and cutting right way you are probably wondering is there a wrong way to bulking and cutting, and you probably have already guessed or you already know the answer to this question. Of course there is wrong way to do both bulking and cutting and in this article I will explain how to do both bulking and cutting properly and I will also explain that doing bulking and cutting wrong way will not only hinder your fitness goals but will even take you further away from you goals in long run.

What is bulking and cutting anyway

If you are a bodybuilding nerd you already know about bulking and cutting, if you are beginner and you just joined gym this must be one of the new terms you over heard someone or you found out on Internet through hours of searching. Bulking means to modify your calories intake so that you are in positive energy balance meaning you are eating more calories than you burn so you are gaining muscles as you need to stay in calories surplus to build muscle that is no secret.

Cutting phase simply means that you are in calories deficit diet and you are eating less calories than you need so your body utilizes your body fat inorder to complete its energy requirements as body needs energy to perform its daily tasks and fats is stored energy so when you are not giving your body enough energy from food body is forced to burn stored energy and hence you will loose fat and get leaner this is called cutting phase. Now that we know what cutting and bulking actually are lets look at how we can do cutting and bulking right way.

Cutting right way

Is there a wrong way to cut body fat? I mean all you need to do is stop eating enough calories and your body will start using stored energy from body fat and you will get leaner right? Wrong! Your body isn’t that smart when it comes to using stored energy so if you put your body into energy deficit your body will utilize body fat but body will also break down muscle tissue and start utilizing for functions it daily needs so when in cutting phase one thing you need to make sure is you are giving your body enough protein so body doesn’t burns muscles for energy as when you provide enough protein through diet its easier for your body to just use those proteins instead of breaking down muscles. So I would recommend eating 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight and 1 gram per pound is minimum requirement when in cutting phase, any less and you will start loosing muscles.

Second thing you need to take care of is you need to give your body reason to keep those muscles as body doesn’t likes keeping muscles it doesn’t need, to send signals to your body that it needs to keep muscle muscle you should do weight training atleast 3 days a week when on cutting phase or keep your training same without pushing your self for growth of course which is done through progressive overload you should be lifting same weight as you did in your previous workout session you don’t want to break down your muscle tissues but you also don’t want to lift any less weight than previous session if you lift light weight that is signal for your body that it doesn’t need those hard earned muscles and guess what? You start loosing those hard earned muscles.

Last thing you need to take care of is you should not aim for loosing more than 0.5 kilogram per week anything more and you will have a serious risk of loosing muscle mass. I know a guy who lost 4 kg in 1 week but most of that was muscle mass of course as you can clearly see body fat was not lost that much. So you know what they say slow and study wins the race so keep your cutting phase goals realistic and don’t aiming for something that is likely to make you loose muscles  mass. Whoever said loosing fat was easy was sure kidding, and if I remember correctly nobody said that 😉

Bulking right way

Bulking means staying in caloric surplus so your body can synthesis proteins and have enough energy to grow as protein synthesis is anabolic process and it requires energy. This mean you got to eat more calories than you spend to help you build muscles. Sounds easy right I mean you can eat whatever you like and whenever you like and you are in caloric surplus right? Well wrong again, bulking doesn’t means eating all that food bulking means that your body must meet its energy requirements and also your body must have enough protein supply to build muscles. If you are taking 2500 calories per day and lets say your caloric requirement is 2200 calories per day but most of those 2500 calories are coming from fat or carbohydrates will your body build muscles? Wrong all your body is going is build is body fat as fat and carbohydrates will give you energy sure this energy is needed for muscle building process but to build muscles your body needs to have enough proteins at the first place. What your body does is break down proteins into amino acids and those amino acids are again used by body to build muscles and other compounds where ever your body needs to utilize those proteins so if you are not counting your calories and eating whatever you want you are more likely to gain fat than muscles which is going to be lot harder when you are cutting your body fat and trying to get leaner. This would also means that you are likely to have lot less lean muscle mass when you shed that body fat. So always make sure you get enough protein as well as enough carbohydrates and fat when you are bulking and this is what bulking right way means.

How long to bulk and how long to cut

Now the question arises how long bulking phase should last and how long cutting phase should last. Well it depends upon person to person bulking and cutting phase could last from 1 week to 1 year, there is no magic number that I can give you it depends upon your goals and what you are trying to achieve but I would recommend doing bulking atleast for 3 months and make sure you are doing clean bulking before cutting your body fat to single digit and you should bring down your body fat below 10% so you are not worried about gaining extra body fat when you are bulking. What most bodybuilders do is when their body fat exceeds 15% they start cutting phase and bring down their body fat below 10% and after that they start clean bulking phase again. This is ideal as this makes sure you don’t let your body fat get too much so it becomes really hard to cut back and you won’t have to worry about getting too fat if you are doing clean bulking.

I would give you a rough estimate if you are doing clean bulk your bulking phase will last for 2-3 months during that time your body fat can go from 8% to 15 percent and you will also gain a pounds of muscle mass around 3-4 pounds of muscle which is realistic for natural body builder and when cutting you will be able to reach single digit body fat in around 15 days to 3 weeks depending upon your genetic and you diet.


Bulking and cutting are both necessary to keep on progressing and it is also important that you do both of these right otherwise you will be going no where as you will gain some muscles during bulking phase and during cutting phase you will loose these muscles meaning you won’t go any where and you might even never achieve your goals. To achieve your goals it is important to do bulking and cutting right way. Let me know in comments section below how do you do cutting and bulking in comments below

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