Cutting Or Bulking, Where To Start

cutting or bulking


I explained about cutting and bulking and why they are necessary in my previous article on cutting and bulking I also explained that you can’t gain muscles without gaining fat in my article about gaining muscles without gaining fat now the question arises is that what should you do first cutting, that is losing unnecessary fat or bulking which will force you to gain some extra fat while gaining muscle mass. As I have explained in previous articles that you can’t gain muscle without gaining fat and you can’t you can’t lose fat without losing muscle mass. If you are wondering what you should do first gaining muscle or losing fat then chances are you are not happy with either, your current body fat percent and current muscle mass you have.

Its a matter of choice where you want to start I have seen endomorphs who are bulking because they want to lift more weight on the bar and ectomorphs not eating enough calories because they don’t want to get fat. That is entirely your choice what I can do is help you make a decision about cutting or bulking and where to start and why both are necessary to achieve your fitness goals.

Why can’t lose fat and gain muscles?

Before we look at where to start, first thing comes in mind is why can’t you just do both gain muscles and lose fat? I have explained this previously in this article cutting and bulking right way that no matter how good genetics you have its impossible to gain muscles and lose body fat, because to gain muscles you need to stay in caloric surplus and to lose fat you need to be in caloric deficit and no matter what anyone says its impossible to gain muscles on caloric deficit and its impossible to lose fat in caloric surplus doesn’t matter if you run 10 kilometers on trade mail if you want to gain muscles you will need to refill those calories that you burned on trade mail. Right so what should you do first cutting or bulking ?

Start with bulking first case

Following are pros and cons if you start with bulking phase first


  • After bulking you will have more muscle mass when you start cutting means you are likely to sacrifice less muscles
  • After cutting you will have more muscle mass to show off
  • Bulking is relatively easy and fun when you are continuously lifting more weight each week and gaining muscle mass
  • Tracking progress is easy you can see weight gains much sooner on the scale
  • You don’t have to starve yourself


  • You will gain even more fat than you currently have and nobody likes to gain any extra fat
  • You will have more fat to cut when starting cutting phase
  • You will have less muscle definition after bulking specially if you are an endomorph

Start with cutting first case

Following are pros and cons if you start with cutting phase first


  • You will get muscle definition sooner
  • When starting bulking phase you can easily bulk without worrying about increasing body fat percentage too much
  • Cutting is relatively difficult but after you lose some body fat its rewarding to look yourself in mirror and feel the change
  • You will look bigger shirtless specially when you are at beech
  • You can gain lost muscles lot quicker when bulking after cutting without gaining much body fat


  • You will lift less weight on the bar
  • You will lose muscle mass when cutting body fat
  • You will feel weak and starving at times

Where to start cutting or bulking?

So cutting or bulking where to start then? Answer is depending upon your current body fat percentage. If you are an endomorph and your body fat percentage is already above 18% you don’t want to gain any extra body fat which will become difficult when cutting phase starts because more quickly you want to lose fat more muscle mass you will lose I have seen many endomorphs at gym when I ask them they reply there are here just to lose fat and get skinny, they trying desperately to lose weight and they don’t care about maintaining muscle mass.This is very bad strategy and will take you no where trust me.

I had one school buddy who asked me do I look any thinner I said you look same to me and he replied with surprise “I have lost 8 kg in 2 weeks and you seriously can’t tell the difference?” I replied 8 kg in 2 weeks won’t make any difference if most of weight you lost is muscle mass. Why? Because losing muscle won’t make you look any better if anything it could make you look bad. Of course you won’t look like bony cage this is big mistake I have seen endomorphs make they just want to cut they don’t care about keeping muscle mass they just want to look think. Well there is a difference between being skinny and being lean. When cutting you want to lose body fat and prevent muscle mass even if you start with cutting you still need to lift enough weight to keep those muscles on your body.

If your body fat is above 15% but you are an ectomorph who barely have any muscle mass then I would suggest start with bulking at-least do some bulking for 3 months even if that means your body fat reaches 18-19% why? Same logic you need to look good when you lose body fat and this is possible if you have some muscle mass on your body. I have seen ectomorphs make this mistake too often one day I see them trying to lift heavy weight next day I see them running on trade mail, well this kind of strategy will take you no where cutting or bulking its your choice but before you decided on where to start you need to look at certain variables and don’t do cutting one day and bulking another day at-least stick with one for 2 weeks.


So what’s the verdict on cutting or bulking? As I have explained it depends upon your body fat but before you start cutting just make sure you have enough muscle mass which will show up when you have finished your cutting phase and when bulking just make sure your body fat is not above 20% otherwise it will be very difficult to cut later and you will lose more muscle mass when cutting. I have explained pros and cons of each cutting and bulking its your choice where you want to start but make sure you stick to one of those and don’t try to do both as that will take you no where and worse you will gain muscles when bulking and lose those muscles when cutting and repeat same cycle over and over again which will take you no where in long run.

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