Gaining lost muscle back

If you are absent from gym for a few months or even few years you will know that muscle atrophy happens and when you get back to gym after break you don’t have same amount of strength and you don’t have same amount of stamina that’s where you realize to get back into same form as you were before, you need to start gaining lost muscle back before you reach your previous fitness level. You may have read that muscles aren’t lost they just shrink and you can get them back to normal size if you train with same dedication. Well muscle atrophy means muscles are lost and you need to gain your muscles back but it won’t take same amount of time as it did first time to reach same muscle size which you had when you stopped training it should take lot less if you train right and eat enough protein, let me explain why.


Homeostasis means our body want to maintain its current state and our body doesn’t wants to change infact body doesn’t like changing at all so gaining lost muscles back would be easy because of homeostasis your cell will ask for more energy and you will have same gains as a beginner will have when he starts training for the first time and this continuous until you reach your previous best strength and muscle size after you have gaining lost muscles back your body will then at normal rate as at should be growing for advance lifter.

Muscle Fascia

Muscle fascia is made up of densely packed collagen fibers that is wrap around each of your your muscles and connects your muscles and bones, so when you train for the first time your muscle fascia needs to stretch in order to allow your muscles to grow. First time its hard to stretch muscle fascia and it takes time but once you have reached your certain level of hypertrophy and muscle atrophy happens then your muscle fascia doesn’t shrinks but only muscle fiber is lost so when your are training for gaining lost muscles your muscle fascia is already stretched giving your muscle fiber room to grow. With proper diet and correct exercise your muscles can grown to previous best size with lot less time.

Optimum workout for gaining lost muscles back

When you get back to gym you are eager to get your hands on heavy weight as you know muscle muscle fiber broken down during training = more muscles gained, well this is true but you don’t want to burn yourself but I would suggest start like a beginner and lift weight which suits you best don’t lift too heavy as you are out of practice so is your body as your body, give it time to get used to stress it was before so I would suggest doing mostly compound exercise and dividing your workout in push/pull movements and I would suggest dividing your workout split as follows for atleast first two weeks

  • Push Workout (Chest/Triceps/Shoulder)
  • Off
  • Pull Workout (Back/Biceps/Forearms)
  • Off
  • Legs/Abs
  • Off
  • Repeat

After first two weeks you can get back to workout schedule which has workout for you best before you took a break from training for whatever reason as I always say if you are somewhere between intermediate and advance lifter you know your body more than anyone else and bodybuilding is all about communicating your body.

Optimum diet

After optimum workout you need to take enough calories and believe me when you are getting back to gym after a break your body is likely to demand lot more calories as your muscle tissue knows it needs to grow because of homeostasis your body will do its best to reach same level of muscle tissue it had before and for muscles to grow you need enough calories which means you should be taking enough carbohydrates, enough good fats and at-least 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. If you are not able to get enough protein from diet you can use different protein supplement and as I always I would suggest ON whey protein but your first priority should be getting enough proteins from food. Also consider adding some multi-vitamins to your diet from my personal experience I would say multi-vitamins should be part of your diet and you should consider using supplements for multi-vitamins as well as they are also important for muscle hypertrophy.


In the end I would say it should take you lot less for gaining lost muscle mass back and with proper diet and proper carefully planned workout schedule you should be able to gain lost muscles back with less than half the time it took before depending upon how much fit you were before,  you can use previous training experience to your advantage that will also help you gaining lost muscles back much quicker. You can share your experience of gaining lost muscles using comments box below also any suggestion and also if there are any scientific errors in this article I would like to know about those.

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