How long does it take to see weight loss results

how long to see fat loss results


First of all I want to congratulate you on your decision on losing weight, you have finally made the decision that will have lots of positive effects not only on your life but also on your health. In order to lose fat and get fit first step is making up your mind next step is little bit difficult and it requires commitment and hard work. When we start working out at first for almost a week it feels like you are losing fat and scale shows you are a few pounds lighter but you don’t feel any different in the mirror this is when this question comes to you mind, “how long does it take to see weight loss results”, answer to this question is not really simple anyone who have experience training different people and have done this themselves will give you same answer as I am going to give you, “it depends”. There are lots of factors which affects results of weight loss to get noticed, however in this article I am going to give you an average estimate on how long does it take to see weight loss result and how you can maximize your fat loss and control factors that affect fat loss and tilt scales in your favor.

Start with dropping 600 calories per day

Start with dropping 600 calories per day, this is a good place to start don’t drop 1200 calories altogether as dropping lots of calories at once would have negative effect not only physically but also psychologically, whenever you start something new you start slowly right? For example when you went to gym first time did you try lifting 50 pounds on barbell? Heck no, you start small same principle applies here you don’t want to drop too much calories at once and have low blood sugar and you are exhausted to the point where you start hating everything. But caloric deficit is important to fat loss without creating caloric deficit you won’t be able to lose any weight and of course more caloric deficit means more weight loss. So to answer your question how long does it take to see fat loss result, more calories you burn sooner you will start to see results as your body uses fat as energy source when you are in caloric deficit diet.

Low calories diet

Set realistic goals for each week

Layout a plan in your mind an write it down in order to see fat loss results first you need to have goals in your mind and make sure you are reaching each goal every week. Any task can be done as long as its broken down into small sub-tasks so you can keep on tracking your progress and keep yourself motivated by looking at weight loss results. If you don’t see yourself progress again this question will come to haunt you in dreams how long does it take to see weight loss results? You need to have plan for each week and possibly a checklist which helps you keep track of goals you have achieved and goals that you need to achieve in upcoming week.

Take pictures of yourself each day or each week

Taking pictures is an easy way to keep track of your progress and stay motivated believe me I have tried and this works really really well. When I was losing fat I was taking pictures of myself every other day and every other day I noticed some fat loss at chin area and my cheek bones became more visible every other day, some days it felt like I am not losing fat at all and that is where I changed my plan and undone mistakes which were hindering my progress. We don’t notice changes that much sooner in mirror as we do in photographs and having smart phone in your pocket its effortless to take selfie every now and then so you can keep track of your progress and its rewarding to see yourself achieving your goals.

Do weight training along with cardio

Cardio is necessary to burn those extra calories and will help you reach your goals sooner. Cardio is important for fat loss you can either do high intensity interval training or low intensity steady state cardio that is matter of choice nothing more. I do both of them depending upon my mood each of them have its pros and cons, whatever type of cardio you choose but I would recommend doing cardio specially when you are trying to lose body fat quickly.

Weight training is also necessary when trying to lose fat not only weight training will help you keep muscle mass but will also add to calories burning goal, weight training is easier than cardio not so much fun on caloric deficit but I personally enjoy weight training more than cardio specially walking on treadmill while staring at wall. Make sure to lift heavy weights same as you do when you are trying to build muscles as I explained in my previous articlescutting and bulking right way and how to lose fat without losing muscle. Losing fat is necessary but without muscle mass on your body you will could end up looking like Christian Bale from┬ámachinist, and you don’t want to lose fat because you want to look like bony cage but instead you want to look more attractive and to look attractive you need to maintain as much muscles as you can while losing that ugly fat and that is where weight training comes in.

So how long does it take to see weight loss results?

I would say an average person who is committed to his or her goals should be able to see results within 4 to 6 weeks, you should be able to see visible results within 6 weeks if you are doing everything I mentioned above right you will hear people giving you compliments and you will also notice you look lot better than you previously did in mirror not only that when you scroll back to pictures you took when you were keeping track of fat loss, these pictured will look lot different than you currently look in mirror.

In terms of how many pounds you need to loose before you can see visible results it totally depends you maybe losing muscle mass and not losing much fat in that case you might lose 8 pounds and still not see good results, if you lose 8 pounds of body fat though you should clearly see big difference but 8 pound weight loss is not 8 pound fat loss, weight loss and fat loss are not the same.

Whats next?

Now you have lost enough body fat that people can clearly see the difference and you are please with yourself with job well done and you no longer have this question about how long does it take to see weight loss results but you rather have answer to this question you can use this data to go one step further and try losing some more of your body fat and keep on progressing don’t just stop after 6 weeks or 2 months you need to maintain your current state of low body fat and if you are planning on gaining more muscle mass you can follow cutting and bulking model while avoiding common workout mistakes and keep on progressing every day and get better little bit during each workout that should be the goal on your mind.


So in the end to answer your question how long does it take to see weight loss results, you can’t be absolutely certain but if you commit to your self and you are honest to yourself I promise you, you will start seeing results as soon as 4 weeks but this requires strict diet plan and good workout schedule if you follow all of the above advice given in this article reaching your goal will become easier. Share your experience of losing fat in comments section and how long did it took you my personal experience is I lost 3 pounds of fat in 3 weeks and I was able to see visible effect specially in photographs and yeah it felt good but I workout 4 days a week and don’t have that much fat to begin with I allow my body fat during bulking period to creep from 12% to 15% and I enjoy my workouts what about you?



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