How to gain weight with a fast metabolism

Gain weight fast metabolism

Every now and than I get this question “how to gain weight with a fast metabolism”, if you are someone who is born with fast metabolism chances are you have hard time gaining weight and even maintaining healthy body mass index and you are always under weighted no matter how much you eat, most endomorphs would do anything to lose 10 pounds of weight but not you, you would rather gain 10 pounds than lose a few pounds, heck you need to eat like there is no tomorrow just to maintain your current weight, if this sounds like you chances are you have fast metabolism and you would want to know how to gain weight with a fast metabolism.

What does it means to have fast metabolism?

Before we answer this question about “how to gain weight with fast metabolism” lets look at what fast metabolism is, fast metabolism simply means that you are burning more calories at very fast rate your body is in fast forward mode when it comes to burn calories from food. Whatever we eat is converted into energy and our body uses that energy for various functions and stores as fat or uses to produce muscle mass after necessary metabolic functions, people with fast metabolism don’t have enough calories that their body can use to store as fat or build muscle because energy from food is burned really quickly.

So what can you do to gain weight with a fast metabolism? Well answer is simple you need to change your lifestyle and take into account that your body is burning calories faster than an average person and adjust your day to day routine according to that.

Take it easy

People with fast metabolism often have a hobby that burns more calories than usual this may be cycling, walking or any outdoor sports if that is the case you need to save more calories and be lazy instead of moving around too much try to be conservative when it comes to spending calories, for example instead of taking stairs to your 4th floor apartment use elevator, instead of walking or cycling to job or school take a bus, just take it easy don’t move around too much and be as lazy as you can afford to.

Hit gym 3 days a week

Try joining a local gym near by and do weight training at local gym for 3 days if you have hectic schedule try working out at home but workout at-least 3 days a week and take rest day each weight training session for example if you have training session on Monday take Tuesday off since you have fast metabolism your body will need more time to repair itself.

Lift heavy weight with compound exercises

Don’t try to lift light weight with 15+ reps that will never work for someone with fast metabolism because you need to push your body and give it reason to grow and fast twitch muscles grow better when at-least 70% of 1 rep max stress is applied to them which is not possible with light weight with 15+ reps. I would suggest working out with heavy weight and sticking to 6 to 8 reps range when you can do more than 8 reps increase weight and keep on pushing this is called progressive overload.

Stick with compound movements

Since you are not trying to build muscles to be next Mr. Olmpia you don’t need to worry about focusing on individual muscle and focus on building definition and size for each muscle instead you are just trying to gain enough weight so that you are not under weighted you can stick with compound movements and push/pull workout routine and a legs day this will not only help you build muscles and gain muscles faster but will also help you boost testosterone helps maintaining lean muscle mass and building more muscles.

Always stay in caloric surplus

What most people with fast metabolism do is when they join gym gain a few pounds since they are naturally ripped because of fast metabolism they start to focus on their abs and forget why they joined gym at first place. They focus on staying fit, well this approach works for people who are born with regular metabolism someone with fast metabolism should always stay in caloric surplus and you won’t have to worry about gaining extra bit of fat since you can’t be over weighted provided that you do clean bulking which I have explained in my previous article. Don’t eat too much junk food stick with clean bulking and that’s all you need.

Eat frequently

This is classic mistake I often see people with fast metabolism who are under weighted, they forget to eat and they don’t have a eating schedule, if you are looking to gain weight even if you are not someone with fast metabolism you still need to eat frequently every 2, 3 hours don’t miss on this, this is very important point otherwise you will always be asking this question “how to gain weight with fast metabolism” forever. Without frequent eating you can’t gain weight you can’t eat 3000 calories in 3 meals you need to eat frequently period.

So instead of asking this question how to gain weight with a fast metabolism as yourself are you eating frequently or you are even skipping meals because no body has got time to eat right? Well.

Eat clean no junk

Junk food don’t contribute towards muscle building sure you can gain lots of fat but fat won’t help you gain weight and what’s worse is you could even be skinny and fat at the same time don’t take my word for it just google “skinny fat” and you will know what I mean if you are looking to gain weight there is no shortcut either do it right or don’t do it at all.

Eat more fiber and whole grains food

Fiber is caloric dense food you can consume more calories by eating fiber than you can with low caloric food. Fiber will provide more calories without having to eat alot. For example one cup of oat meal have 158 calories if you are aiming for around 2500 calories you can eat oat meal along with other diet to reach 400-500 calories per meal and distribute your calories in 5 to 6 meals per day which is what most people who are trying to build muscle and gain weight do. They take 5, 6 meals per day.

Eat more protein

You need to eat more protein not just carbohydrates, with 3 weight training sessions per week and you will be able to pack some serious muscle mass if you eat enough protein. Aim to eat 0.8 to 0.9 gram of protein per pound of your body weight for example if you weigh 140 pounds and you need to eat 0.8 grams of protein per pound you will need 112 grams of protein that is 448 calories from protein if you subtract that from your caloric requirement you will still need to eat about 2000 calories from fat and carbohydrates, and that is necessary to gain weight because while amino are building block of our muscles glucose is necessary to fuel and give energy for muscle building process.

Consider using supplements

There is a reason why guys in supplement industry are still in business because supplements do work, if you can afford them I would definitely recommend using supplement. Most people would recommend mass gainer to you and whey protein, well I would recommend gaining your required macros from food if you can however if you are looking to gain weight I would recommend using dymatize creatine which has worked for me in the past just remember to drink plenty of water when using creatine though and omega 3 fish oil capsules are another supplement that is worth trying if you are looking to gain muscle mass quickly.


So this article should answer your question on how to gain weight with a fast metabolism, having fast metabolism is not really a disadvantage if you ask someone who is over weighted and would gladly trade places with you but you know what they say, grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, so if an endomorph becomes ectomorph and has problem of being under weighted he would also be searching topics on how to gain weight with a fast metabolism, everyone is different and everyone has different body type being skinny doesn’t mean you can’t gain weight and being over weighted doesn’t means you can’t lose weight, its just matter of dedication and choices we make.

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