How To NOT Train A Muscle Group Twice A Week


I have seen lots of people at gym training same muscle group twice a week and when I ask them why I they training that same muscle group twice a week they answer you got to train your week muscle twice a week to grow and each repetition that you do and each set that you do help you grow. Are they right? They are half right actually which makes them half wrong of course more you train your muscle more you grow up to certain point. You don’t need to break your muscles up-till the point where you have over trained that muscle group and also put lots of stress on your central nervous system that instead of growing your body starts to deteriorate and you start to feel no matter what you do instead of gaining muscles you are actually gaining fat and you are losing strength. So what is the right/smart way to train week muscle group twice a week? I will explain that from my experience, observation and science in this article.

Training Intensity

First thing when training same muscle group in a week is that you got to check your training intensity training at full intensity and doing 120 reps per muscle group twice a week and you are surely asking for over training your body. You will see some gains and your body progressing in short term but after two to three weeks you will see that you are going no where with 240 reps per week with high intensity for same muscle group and you have over trained and need to take a week or maybe two weeks off in order to recover. So if you are planning same muscle group twice a week either lower number of repetitions per workout or you should lower the intensity at you train. I personally keep number of reps same and if I am looking for short term gain for week muscle group I perform 30 reps extra which is compound exercise and not isolation for example if I am training shoulder muscle twice per week I do 90 reps on shoulder day with high intensity and when I am training chest I do 30 reps for military press which is compound exercise.

Training with push/pull splits

When you are doing  pull and pull workout you should keep your intensity to moderate and train each muscle group twice a week you don’t need to worry about over training if you have divided your workout according to push/pull splits because you are most likely to train at moderate intensity your workout should in this case will look something like this

  • Monday                     Chest/Shoulder/Triceps (push)
  • Tuesday                     Back/Biceps (push)
  • Wednesday               Legs/Abs/Forearms
  • Thursday                    Off
  • Friday                         Chest/Shoulder/Triceps (push)
  • Saturday                    Back/Biceps (push)
  • Sunday                       Legs/Abs/Forearms

As you can see you are training each muscle group twice a week and with 3 muscles per day with push/pull workout its most likely that you will train each muscle at moderate intensity and legs well for legs you will also need to train at moderate intensity as training at high intensity will burn out, I didn’t added legs with back/lats and biceps because legs and back/lats are two largest muscle group in our body and its only smart to train them on separate days. You can train shoulders with legs if you want but I personally find push/pull workout on separate days work better for me.

Who should train muscle group twice a week

Of course training each muscle group twice a week is not for everyone and not everyone can handle that much stress. This workout is not for beginners and someone who are naturally skinny and are hard gainers, if your recover is slow its better to train 4 days a week with high intensity and until you are more advance at training and your body can handle stress of training each muscle group twice per week.

Whats Next

Let the science be on your side next time you go to gym make sure you are training at correct intensity specially if you are planning on training your week muscle group twice per week and stick with same workout routine for other muscle groups, you should go for it as no one knows your body like you do bodybuilding is all about communicating with your body and understanding those signals and finding perfect combination. My current training program is 4 days per week and I train week muscle twice a week with just 30 reps of 12-10-8 sets and its doing wonders for me but something that works for me is not necessarily going to work for you, try out different approach and let me know what works best for you

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