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We all want to be member of that elite club with big bulky arms and show off our hard earned biceps and triceps muscle, as Nelson Montana explains in his book “Bottom Line Bodybuilding” he says “When someone asks you to ‘make a muscle,’ do you unhesitatingly roll up your
trousers and flex your calve? No way. It’s the biceps that everyone wants to get a look at”, in this article I will explain best arms workout for beginner what has worked for me what mistakes I made and how you can avoid those mistakes specially being a beginner. Before we start on arms workout for beginner lets look at the bigger picture how difficult it is to build arms that look like they are made of pure steel. “Most guys’ workouts won’t increase the size of their arms,” says David Pearson, Ph.D. of Ball State University. Why, because as a beginner what many trainers focus on is doing as many exercises as they can until they can no longer do one more rep. Which is totally wrong approach, bicep and triceps are one of the smaller muscle group in our body no need to torture them with 4, 5 exercises, what you should focus on as a beginner is only perform 30-60 reps for each bicep and triceps with high intensity, bicep and triceps are smaller muscle group sure so they don’t need 120 reps to grow what they need is doing 30-60 reps with high intensity.

Training Program for bicep

When a beginner starts out at gym all you are looking for is focusing on your arms muscle and most likely building good looking biceps after all you need something to show off to your friends that you are going to gym, its even more important to have correct arms workout for beginner due to the fact that beginners train bicep and perhaps triceps more than all other body parts combine, maybe they train chest muscle a bit more than others. In any training program that has arms workout for beginner bicep curls is the most important exercise, from my experience and what I read in different books and articles not one of them exclude bicep curls. This puts enough stress on your bicep to force it to grow and doing 30 reps of bicep curls per week will not only increase bicep size but will also build buckle bicep shape, of course you don’t just want to have bigger arm but also egg like shape for your bicep.

  • Bicep Barbel Curls      12 reps for 3 sets
  • Hammer Curls             12 reps for 3 sets


Arms workout for triceps

Perhaps most beginners don’t focus that much on triceps muscle as they do on bicep, but triceps is also as much important and an arms workout for beginner is not complete without including triceps in it. Triceps need more heavy weight and exercise that put more stress on them to stimulate growth due to the fact that triceps are more resistant to weight. Triceps grow better with compound over weight exercises than isolation and close grip after doing press down will do this nicely. For beginner level I would say start with close grip press down with moderate to heavy weight and then end your triceps workout with closed grip barbel press, these two exercises once a week will stimulate enough growth.

  • Triceps Press Down               12 reps for 3 sets
  • Close Grip Barbel Press        12 reps for 3 sets

Whats Next?

This workout works for both beginner and intermediate lifters but you will need to add one more exercise if you are already lifting for biceps you can add standing dumbbell bicep curl to biceps and Skull Crushers to triceps workout and increase number to reps to no more than 90 reps per muscle as bicep and triceps are small muscle group so you don’t need to do 120 or 150 reps for them if you do any more than 90 reps for longer duration you are going to over train and your hard earn gains will start declining. Make sure to train for high intensity for no more than 90 reps per either of these muscle groups and you will start seeing gains sooner.

Choosing Bicep Triceps Split

For your arms that is bicep and triceps muscle group make sure you train them at-least once a week for whatever split you choose, either you train bicep and triceps together or train bicep with back muscle as both of those are pull motion and triceps with either chest or shoulder as they are both push motion but you should train bicep despite of what many blog posts on the Internet suggest that you should not train bicep and triceps separately don’t believe them you need to train each and every muscle group separately to see progress. I train biceps with triceps which ever needs more attention I start with that for example if I feel bicep are getting little bit weak and are left behind I start my arms day with bicep and if I feel triceps are week or weren’t hit well previous week I start my arms day workout with triceps, so try different splits out and whatever works for you make sure to share that in comments section below.


I would like to conclude this article by saying for your arms to grow make sure you eat enough micro nutrition, and follow this guide about my arms workout for beginner. Don’t just focus on one micro nutrition if you are like most guys you are either focus on too much protein or on too much carbohydrates remember we need balanced diet in-order to grow. And next time you go to gym and you are training your arms keep these things in mind and let me know if this worked for you or how much gains you made using above workout for arms. Also share your workout schedule for arms that you are currently following that may help someone improve their workout training schedule and can also help me improve this post any suggestions are always welcomed 🙂

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