10 Workout Mistakes To Avoid At Gym

Workout Mistakes To Avoid

After working out for at gym for years learning from my mistakes and observing what others are doing what is working for them and what is not working, I have created a list of common workout mistakes that I see people make more often. We all make mistakes and we learn from them but wouldn’t it be nice to know workout mistakes before hand and avoid making those mistakes so you keep on progressing at good rate and gain muscles while keeping body fat in check.

Not warming up before training

This one looks obvious to some that you need to warm up before working out but I have seen lots of people making this common workout mistakes more often what most people do when they reach gym is stretch, but doing stretching before warming up could lead to muscle pull. Warming up can include doing light cardio for 10 minutes just enough to raise your heart rate and your body temperature so when you stretch your body is warm and easy to stretch not only this is more effective when working out but this also avoid chances of becoming injured during workout.

Not training at correct intensity

If you are training at same intensity every week without challenging your body and following same workout routine same exercise order for same number of set you will hit plateau and this is one of easy workout mistakes to make. Your workout is suppose to push your muscles out of their comfort zone in order to force them to grow. I have explained how changing exercises is necessary to break a plateau in my previous post, you need to continuously apply progressive overload to avoid plateau and homeostasis and keep on growing at steady rate so training at same intensity and doing same movements for longer duration is most common workout mistake you should avoid.

Doing 6, 7 sets per muscle group

Doing too many sets per muscle group, I have done made this mistake many times now, every time I think I am doing more reps and growing, my body starts loosing its strength and even muscle mass and over train. This is one of the workout mistakes which doesn’t hinder your progress right away and you even start seeing results and gaining muscles for shorter duration until your central nervous system over trains and your body decides it can’t take that much amount of stress any longer.

Not giving enough times for muscles to recover

This happens when you train same muscle group twice a week or more often as I have explained my previous article on how to not train same muscle group twice you need to give your muscle enough time to recover before you can hit same muscle group again. This workout mistake happens because we read and hear this a lot that you should train weak muscle group twice, yes you need to train your weak muscle group twice but not at same intensity, what I mean by that is you can train your same muscle group once at very high intensity and when you are training same muscle group again in week stick to moderate intensity multi joint movements. Your muscle needs rest and enough calories to grow and not giving enough rests between workout will only lead to over training.

Not eating correct macro nutrition

As Nelson Montana explains in his book “Bottom Line Bodybuilding” that when someone contacts him and asks him that they are not growing or gaining weight no matter what they do he patiently tries to explain macro nutrition while in his head he fantasize about smashing his head with 45 pounds plate while screaming “EAT! EAT! JUST EAT MORE YOU MORON!!!”. This is one of the workout mistakes that many people make at one stage or another. I was eating more than 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight but wasn’t eating enough carbohydrates because I was explained how my body needs protein to grow I totally missed the fact that protein synthesis requires energy and we get energy from carbohydrates and fat. So next time you make an excuse about avoiding carbohydrate and good fatty acids make sure you have this article about of workout mistakes in your mind.

Avoiding good fat

Fat is necessary for building many hormones and enzymes in our body so avoiding good fat is not one of the workout mistakes but rather a dietary mistake specially advance or intermediate lifters make this mistake more often as they think to cut to lean they need to eat less fat. One of the essential fatty acid is Omega-3 which not only helps in protein synthesis but also helps maintain muscle mass. One of the doctors I spoke to told me that cholesterol is used by your body to build testosterone so next time you think about throwing those egg yolks think twice. Not only they are source of good fat but also good cholesterol, eating two egg yolks in the morning will help you boost your testosterone and gain muscle mass.

Eating anything you get your hands on

Not eating enough is one thing but eating alot is mistake? Again this is not technically one of the workout mistakes but rather a dietary mistake. You need to eat right kind of food to build muscles I even hear this from professional trainers when they are giving diet plan to an ectomorph specially. They suggest to eat all you can, well you need to eat required macros that’s it you don’t all day and you don’t want to eat too much junk food even if you are skinny, eating too much junk food will lead to gaining lots of unnecessary fat during bulking phase which will be even hard to cut and maintain muscle mass so make sure you eat enough macros but avoid eating junk food no mater what your gym trainer or your best friend at gym advice you about diet plan.

Training everyday

More you workout more you grow right? Wrong! You need to workout enough to stimulate muscle growth but doing too much training is always going to lead to over training. When you workout at gym, your strength training at gym creates micro tears in your muscles. Your muscles grow when you give your body enough time to repair these micro tears. Training every day won’t give your body enough time to repair itself and this will affect your gains in long term specially if you are training at high intensity even Arnold took a day off from training, if you are one of those hard core trainers who don’t like to stay out of gym I would suggest at-least take one day off per week two is even better allowing your body to recover and when you get to gym after rest day its energizing and enjoyable.


These are few biggest workout mistakes I observe most often and mistakes everyone should avoid in order to keep progressing towards their goals as we all have experience at some stage that we are not growing despite of doing everything right. If that happens to you next time revisit this post and double check to make sure your are not doing any of the above workout mistakes. I will leave you with that and let you decide if these mistakes are right and if there are any workout mistakes which you think I might have missed.

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